PRINCETON — From vinyl printing, wooden furniture, and much more, Y Not Shoppe offers shoppers a personalized shopping experience.

Business owner, Bridgette Hudgins, seeks to continually draw guests in and turn them into friends. Having been at her Rogers Street location for three years she has grown considerably since her previous location on Thorne Street.

Items that customers can find at Y Not Shoppe include but aren’t limited to home decor, Grace and Emma clothing, vinyl transfer goods and handcrafted wooden items. The wooden items are created by Hudgins’ uncle in Tennessee.

“I first started the business to get myself more motivated,” Hudgins said. After chemotherapy treatments Hudgins found herself needing something to occupy her time, thus creating the business.

What started as two tables of items for sale has blossomed into a plethora of items and custom orders. These custom orders include vinyl transfers on clothing, aprons, and cups.

“If we don’t support small businesses they’re going to disappear. Right now I’m putting two kids through college so you’re supporting that instead of a big corporation,” Hudgins said.

Along with meeting people within the community through her store Hudgins is well known for coaching cheerleading as well. Hudgins enjoys friendly faces stopping into shop and visit as much as she enjoys meeting new people.

She also has been very active in supporting charitable causes in the area. When she was most in need the community stepped up and helped her without question leading her to be even more appreciative as she was before.

“When someone is sick or hurt in the community we help with that. My customers have been amazing. It means a lot when you have customers that are dedicated to giving back to you,” Hudgins said.

Her favorite part of owning a small business is the customers that come through the door. Along with thriving to support her customers she also seeks to support her community.

“Nine out of 10 people that come through that door I know by name. They keep coming back and they might just stop by to say hey and have a Coke,” Hudgins said.

Beginning on November 1 Hudgins’ business will switch to holiday hours. This means doors will be open Monday through Saturday from 10 to 6. During the holiday shopping, Hudgins is also planning for a big day on Small Business Saturday.

During Small Business Saturday on November 30 doors will open at 6 a.m. The business will stay open during their big sale until “people stop coming” Hudgins said

For more information contact them on Facebook at @Ptown323, on Hudgins’ personal Facebook page, or at 304-809-6913.

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