PRINCETON — Guests are invited to enjoy a relaxing personalized pottery painting experience at a locally owned business.

Home Town Pottery on Rogers Street allows guests to paint their pottery the way they'd like at their leisure. With hundreds of pottery options, guests can choose which piece they'd like to paint.

"I've seen a lot of people come in that say this helps them deprogram from their day at work," owner, Terri Williams, said.

Having been an art lover her whole life Williams seeks to enjoy her passion each day as well as offer others the opportunity to explore their creativity. Though multiple people may paint the same product type she enjoys seeing the unique designs of each person.

All of Williams' products are prepped and ready to paint for customer convenience. With her paint selection spanning over 100 choices, guests can let their creativity flow freely.

Once customers have completed their three coats of paint their pieces are then glazed by Williams placed in the kiln. After firing customers can pick up their pottery and enjoy their work.

Regarding her ability to allow customers the ability to create their own art, Williams said, "I'm passionate about it and I love doing it."

With pottery painting being an outlet to some of her customers she allows those interested to paint their pieces in multiple sittings. This gives the guest the option to perfect their artwork in their time, as long as it follows business hours.

Williams also offers the option for private paint parties.

With Princeton being her home town, Williams seeks to provide residents the opportunity to enjoy the world of art. Williams also seeks to provide her customers with a personable small-town experience.

"With local businesses you can actually give back to your community. The blessing of having a small chain is the familiar faces and the community. The name of my shop within itself, it's Home Town Pottery. This is my home town, I grew up here," Williams said.

As a homegrown Princetonian Williams is ardent about aiding the town's economy.

Regarding opening a business within your hometown, Williams said "You're giving back, you're helping your home town grow. You're helping to bring back business and something to make it thrive for your children and their children beyond that."

Those interested in visiting Home Town Pottery may do so during business hours on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 4 to 8, and Friday and Saturday from noon to eight.

For more information find them on Facebook at @PotteryTimePainting, on Instagram at @hometownpottery, email at, or call at 304-920-8889.

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