Rustic Barn

ATHENS — The location off of Athens Road best known for a windmill is now available for another purpose, that of a wedding location, under the name Hidden Springs Barn.

Co-owner Rachel Clark said Monday, “We started hosting weddings this year. It’s something we’ve been interested in doing for some time.”

The first wedding held on the farm, she said, was the one between her husband and her in 2003.

According to Clark, Hidden Springs Farm offers a rustic barn as a venue for weddings as well as a photo service upstairs in the barn that offers a scenic view off the balcony of a stand of pine trees and a waterfall. The upstairs section can also be used for the wedding ceremony.

Weddings, Clark said, would cost $2,500 for two days, one for planning and preparation, the second for the ceremony itself.

“My husband and I do it as a family business. People can contact us between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. weekdays to schedule a ceremony.” she said

The barn has a capacity for 200-250 attendees. Clark also added, “We also provide tables and chairs for up to 200 people.”

You can contact the Clarks at 304-887-3780 or at the Hidden Springs Barn Facebook page.

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