GLENWOOD — One local business is offering an uncommon but sought after service to men and women alike.

Electrolysis by Betsy is offering guests the opportunity to boost their self-esteem. By electrolysis, visitors can rid themselves of unwanted body hair.

“80 percent of women have unwanted facial hair. It’s not something that’s uncommon. Getting rid of it can help boost your self-esteem,” owner Betsy Richardson said.

With little other opportunities for this service in the area, Richardson allows guests to stay local for the procedure rather than traveling out of the region.

According to Richardson, electrolysis, which is the removal of hair by use of electric current, is the only method to permanently remove hair. The procedure involves using an electric current to alter follicle roots to decrease hair growth.

By inserting a small wire into the hair follicle, which does not puncture the skin, a burst of electrical current is applied. The client will feel only a small pinch as the area is cauterized thus lessening the hair root from growing.

After this procedure, the root itself starts to dwindle thus preventing more unwanted hair. After several electrolysis treatments, the hair will no longer grow, according to Richardson.

Before opening her business Richardson was introduced to electrolysis by Alicia Cohernour, her mentor. Prior to Cohernour’s retirement, Richardson was trained in the procedure.

“It seemed interesting so I started training with her. After she retired the area was left with no electrolysis options. I wanted to keep it in the area and not have it completely gone,” Richardson said.

Regarding the intimacy of hair removal, Richardson understands that those seeking the procedure are seeking privacy. To this Richardson not only understands first hand but is seeking to provide clients with as much privacy as possible.

Richardson is available at Electrolysis by Betsy by appointment and can be contacted at 304-487-2296.

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