PRINCETON — Meeting the need for interior décor and renovation with a short turnaround at wholesale prices, the Kitchen and Home Design Center at 822 Mercer Street, this week’s “Business of the Week,” is open for business today.

Beth Kosinar, owner said, “I’ve found that there’s just a big demand for this type of business in the area. There’s a lot of dated homes in the area, which makes for a demand for the products and services that I offer.”

Among those products and services, she said, are kitchen and bathroom cabinets and granite and quartz countertops.

“The house renovations range from specific renovations to a complete home renovation. There’s not a lot of this type of companies which offer our services which are short turnarounds,” she said.

The business will be open today from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Kosinar said her work will be planning and designing the renovations with local contractors doing the installation work.

The business phone number is 304-425-2384.

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