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John Tupper, owner and sole official employee of My Brother's Keeper Storage and Construction, LLC, stands in front of his business with Kala and Carolyne Wiley

PRINCETON — Sometimes, the motivation for running your own business is very basic as in the case of John Tupper, owner of Brother’s Keeper Storage and Construction, LLC.

“Being able to provide for my family through hard work (is my motivation),” Tupper said Tuesday.

Tupper started the company in 2016 as a storage company, before getting his contractor’s license in January.

“In addition to providing storage units. we build garages, dig water lines roads, do landscape leveling and driveways. We also sell mulch, coal, sand and gravel at our Glenwood location,” he said.

Brother’s Keeper is a family oriented storage facility with regular maintenance and six secure, convenient locations.

Tupper is the business’s’ sole employee and he is assisted by his girlfriend who does administrative duties around the office.

The business has a Facebook page under the name Brother’s Keeper Storage. It has six locations: 200 Joe Adams Avenue in Princeton, Airport Road, Mercer Mall Road below the mall; next to Grant’s in Green Valley, Glenwood Park Road behind the catfish pond and Rainbow Road in Green Valley.

He concluded by saying, “I’ve enjoyed serving the people of Mercer County and I’m looking forward to doing so in the future. Small business takes a lot of hard work and time.”

The phone number is 304-922-6700.

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