Jerry Cecil

PRINCETON — A breaking and entering complaint led to a drug arrest in Princeton.

According to a statement released Wednesday by the Princeton Police Department, Patrolman R.S. Dyson responded Monday to 308 Kee Street, apartment A in Princeton, in reference to a possible breaking and entering complaint.

Upon arrival, Dyson observed a white in color Volkswagen Jetta, occupied by Jerry Cecil, age and address unavailable, parked in front of the residence, the statement said.

“During the course of the investigation and information gathered, Cecil was asked to step out of the vehicle,” the police department statement said. “For officer safety purposes, a protective pat-down was conducted on Mr. Cecil. The following items were located on Mr. Cecil’s person: (four) un-prescribed alprazolam pills, 11 grams of marijuana, 13 grams of heroin, six grams of crystal methamphetamine, (three) scales commonly used for weighing and distributing illegal narcotics, and several other drug paraphernalia items which included plastic baggies commonly used for packaging narcotics.”

Also located was $431 in small denominations of $20, $5, and $1 in U.S. Currency.

“At that time Mr. Cecil was placed under arrest and charged with (four) counts of possession with intent to distribute to-wit heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine, and Alprazolam,” the police department statement added.

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