Mercer Sheriff's blotter...

Feb. 14:

WARRANT SERVICE: Officer W.E. Rose responded to a call of a 24-year-old diabetic needing transport. Upon arrival, the subject, Steven Anderson, of Princeton, was laying in a ditch. Anderson appeared to be high and was wanting to be transported to his home. He was advised by law enforcement that he had warrants against him. He then advised that he wanted to go to the hospital. He was wanted for a domestic event in Summers County as well as possession of banned materials in jail. Stewart was transported to Mercer County Sheriff’s Department after being taken to the hospital for clearance.

DUI DRUGS, RECEIVING AND TRANSFERRING STOLEN GOODS, TRANSPORTING STOLEN GOODS ACROSS STATE LINES: Deputy M.T. Hatfield responded to a single-vehicle accident occurring in Oakvale. Upon arriving at the scene, Hatfield observed that there was no driver, or passenger, in the vehicle. An Oakvale Fire Department member informed Hatfield that the driver had walked down the road to a trailer home and would be back shortly. The car, with North Carolina license plates, was in a ditch on the right-hand side of the road. The driver returned and introduced himself to law enforcement as 33-year-old Daniel Farmer, of Stateville, North Carolina. When asked what caused him to wreck, Farmer advised Hatfield that he had swerved to miss a large dog that was in the roadway. Farmer reportedly lost control of the vehicle and drove into the ditch. Farmer was reportedly pacing and speaking very fast. His pupils were also reportedly very constricted in size. Farmer stated he had not taken any alcohol or drugs. He then agreed to take a field sobriety test. Farmer failed to produce smooth movements through the test. Farmer then told Hatfield that he did not want to finish the test. It was concluded that he was not impaired on alcohol but a drug. He agreed to submit a blood test to determine if anything was in his system. Farmer was then arrested for DUI. Sgt. W.E. Rose informed Hatfield that the vehicle Farmer was driving had been reported stolen and placed in the NCIC (National Crime Information Center) by Mayodan Police Department, in North Carolina. On the way to the hospital, Farmer asked what his charges were, after being told he became irate. He stated that the vehicle belonged to his friend and that he had permission to use it, to visit his children in W.Va. Farmer informed police that he uses methamphetamine for “self-treatment.” While being interviewed by Hatfield at the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department Farmer continually fell asleep. Farmer is being charged with DUI drugs, receiving and transferring stolen goods (felony), and transporting stolen goods across state lines (felony).

Feb. 15

WARRANT SERVICE: Officer A.S. Primmer stated that William Blankenship, 32, reported to the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department for an outstanding capias warrant issued against him on October 10, 2018. Blankenship was processed and later arraigned.

WARRANT SERVICE: Officer D.A. Calloway stated that Breanna Desiree Dodson, 25, of Bluefield, W.Va., turned herself into the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office after having warrants for her arrest.

FUGITIVE FROM JUSTICE: Lt. Ruble responded to a call regarding a person wanted out of Tazewell County. The suspect, Fred Bray Jr., 55, of Rock, was arrested as a fugitive from justice.

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