Now that Aaron Hernandez has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder, the blowback process in the media has started.  People are criticizing Urban Meyer, Hernandez's college coach who is now the head coach at Ohio State and the Patriots organization for not commenting on the case.

By the way, "blowback" comes from people who said that 9-11 was blowback for American actions in the Middle East.

I don't get it. To what end would it serve for Meyer and the Patriots to comment? Meyer is years removed from any involvement in Hernandez's life and the Patriots, in my view, have already spoken volumes by totally disassociating themselves from Hernandez.

An addendum: Meyer issued a statement on Saturday expressing his sympathies to the family of Odin Lloyd and reacting to criticism of his handling of Hernandez while both of them were at Florida.


My suspicions that there is a double-standard in the New York Yankees organization where Derek Jeter is concerned, especially in comparison to Alex Rodriquez, have been confirmed. A-Rod gets cursed out by Yankees general manager Brian Cashman for the simple announcement that his surgeon had cleared him to play. Jeter does the same and he's welcomed with open arms. Rodriquez gets sent to A ball for rehab, Jeter to AAA ball. Jeter, a sub-par defensive shortstop, gets to stay there, while the defensively-superior Rodriquez, admittedly voluntarily, shifted to third base. Rodriquez gets ripped for dating Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz, while Jeter dates a succession of actresses to no comment.

I met both Jeter and Rodriquez when the Yankees played an exhibition game at Virginia Tech years ago. Jeter struck me as a nice guy. Rodriquez struck me as someone who wasn't comfortable with himself. He wasn't rude by any means, just tense.


I can understand why athletes don't talk to the media. Why talk to someone who'll turn on you the first time you display a human flaw? For Dwight Howard, that flaw has been indecisiveness  and the media has made sport of it.

Now, Howard has signed with the Houston Rockets, a team with a history of elite big men (Hakeem Olajuwon, Moses Malone) and coached by another big man legend, Kevin McHale, which makes it  a seemingly ideal situation.  

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