PRINCETON — One local business is offering residents countless customization opportunities, from gun to tumblers, and more.

Black Steel Arms and Coatings, located on Rogers Street, specializes in customizations by use of etchings machines, laser machines, and a CNC machine. According to co-owner Chris Thornton, the customs can be done on materials such as wood, metal, leather, and more.

When owners of the business, Chris and his brother Lee, looked into creating the business, they both knew it should be located in Princeton. Being their home town, they knew the atmosphere and community were what they were looking for.

The siblings, both being veterans, decided to start the business with gun customizations only. In the beginning, the pair turned away other customization jobs because they, “Didn’t know what the machines were capable of.”

Now, having worked with the machines more and tested their capabilities, they are confident they can fill any customization, within reason. Now the business offers custom work such as cutting boards, license plates, photo plates, tumblers, gun customs, and many more.

Since starting Black Steel Arms, the pair have been exposed to how small businesses, “Stick together and give support to all the others and the community.” Chris and Lee even have standing relationships with local gun shops who suggest that customers who have purchased guns have them customized at Black Steel Arms.

Of the work they do on firearms it includes Cerakote coating, which comes in over 100 colors, and engraving. Aside from custom jobs the business also sells guns, gun parts and accessories, Black Rifle Coffee, silencers and suppressors, and more.

“It makes a difference when you shop local because the money stays local,” Chris said.

The business, formally located on Mercer Street recently relocated to Rogers Street where they now have more room and parking. According to Chris though the pair liked the previous location, they, “Plateaued with space.”

With more space now available, concealed carry classes are now in the process. These classes, which will begin around November, according to Lee, will be offered one on one or in group settings.

“If it’s customizable we’ll do it,” Chris said.

Customers can visit the business Tuesdays through Fridays from 9 to 5, and 10 to 2 on Saturdays. For more information on Black Steel Arms and Coatings visit them on Facebook at @BlackSteelArms-Coatings or call at 304-362-9991.

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