PRINCETON — Bikers of the Christian faith joined together for the third annual Blessing of the Bikes on Saturday.

Beginning at Cornerstone Family Church in Princeton, motorcyclists rode together to Higher Ground Church, also in Princeton, to have themselves and their bikes blessed. Along with praying for protection during their travels, the bikers enjoyed fellowship and fun.

For the Blessing of the Bikes, Higher Ground Church also partners with Grace Baptist, from Seneca, South Carolina, and the Richmond, Va., Bikers for Christ.

The senior pastor of Higher Ground Church, Stephen Dobbs, looks forward to strong prayer and strengthening community bonds during the annual event. Dobbs and his church have affiliations and work alongside the Bikers For Christ organization, that has ties with Cornerstone Family Church.

“At the church, we’ll pray over the bikes and put stickers that say they’ve had their bikes blessed,” Dobbs said. Once at Higher Ground Church, bikers also partook in food, games, and Christian fellowship, at the completely free event.

Aside from the Blessing of the Bikes, Dobbs’ church does other community outreaches as well. With the church’s slogan being “Come as you are,” Higher Ground Church welcomes any and all to join them in their worship and learning of Christ.

According to Dobbs, the main reason for the creation of the event, other than to bless bikers and their bikes, is to bring the community into the biking culture. With society sometimes having a negative connotation toward bikers, Dobbs and his fellow bikers strive to break the stigma.

Another event that Higher Ground Church, Bikers for Christ, and other biking organizations take part in, is that of the annual Ride for the Kids, that takes place in May. This ride brings bikers in from across the country to support children in need and foster caregivers who take them in.

For more information on Higher Ground Church of their efforts, contact Dobbs at 304-308-9575.

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