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PRINCETON — The last Princeton City Council meeting of the year saw Council authorize the use of ‘rainy day” funds if necessary to meet city financial obligations and approve an employee retirement incentive, among other actions.

The first action, passed on motion of Councilman Marshall Lytton with a second by Councilman James Hill, authorized City Finance Director Brian Blankenship to use “rainy-day: funding, if needed, to meet the city’s December financial obligations and to replace, gradually, such funding used,, if any.

A rainy day or rainy day fund is a reserved amount of money to be used in times when regular income is disrupted or decreased in order for typical operations to continue.

On Tuesday, Blankenship explained, “`In December, I’m usually between B & O Tax revenue collections (a main source of city revenue), while still facing mandatory obligations such as insurance. Since Council only meets once a month, .I thought that I’d ask them for such permission to be able to use those funds, if needed”

The second action taken, on motion of Lytton and Councilwoman Jacqueline Rucker, calls for full-time city employees to be given a $200 retention bonus and part-time employees ,a $100 retention bonus.

Council also:

Converted Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve into full days off for employees

.Appointed Kenneth Crowe to the General Board of Appeals; Patricia Anderson to the Planning Commission; and Kim Hickman and Todd Boggess to the Zoing Board of Appeals

Ratified the appointment of Rae Ann Osborne to the Princeton Health Care Center Board of Directors,

The Princeton Public Library will, as a part of Downtown Countdown, provide a Jr. New Year’s Eve Ball Drop and Dance Party from 11 p.m. to midnight, New Year’s Eve. The event is free and gauged to children ages 2-10. Snacks and New Year appropriate souvenirs will be provided to those who attend,

Jeff Harvey is a freelance reporter for the Princeton Times. Contact him at delimartman@yahoo,com,

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