Athens Town Hall

ATHENS — Enough is enough, Athens Town Council is tired of the snow and has written a resolution that declares no new snow shall fall in the Town of Athens during the month of March.

As one of the final acts of the council meeting, the resolution was brought forward by Mayor Bard to vote on. After the resolution was read aloud and elaborated on the effects of the snow on the area, the tongue-in-cheek resolution passed. The final clause states that if there is snow then Winterplace Resort or the state of Arizona will be invited to come and collect it.

In serious business, the quarterly reports were given by the police department and the water treatment plant. According to Officer C.T. Lowe, he spent a lot of his time helping travelers he could get out of ditches and snow banks. Lowe also updated the council regarding the counterfeit bills saying that he has been speaking with higher officials pertaining to the ongoing investigation. He also updated the Council on the Salau case and its dismissal.

During the water treatment report there was talk of the grease containers that they are paid, by Concord University, to clean. Suggestions were made regarding increasing the safety of the areas that are to be cleaned and how the improvements would be done and by whom.

Finally the Department of Environmental Protection requested the help of Athens water treatment regarding a gentleman who owns a trailer park in the area and his septic pond.

Athens water treatment plant worker said, “We thought it was a great honor to help with them.”

The rest of the meeting consisted of budgetary issues that were needed to be sorted out to help settle the budget submitting for the year.

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