ATHENS — The Athens town council was busy this past meeting talking about helping recycling at a local high school and preparing for their Town and Gown event.

Representatives from the PikeView High School JROTC, Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, propositioned the council for aid in their attempt to start up a recycling program at their high school. They asked for permission to bring paper products that were collected at the high school to the monthly pick up at Athens. The council voted yes to allow them to use the town’s facilities for the project. They went on to direct them to bring the recyclables in a clear plastic bag and drop the bags off a the Town Hall once a month.

Also on the docket was the discussion of the Town and Gown, between Athens and Concord University. The flyer and tentative agenda was passed around to the council and a tentative date for the event was set for April 21 at University Point on Concord’s campus. Mayor Bard will be speaking with Concord University President Kendra Boggess to talk on the matter further. There special meeting encouraging both the Athens residents and the students from Concord to come and speak about what they care for, like economic growth or off campus housing. Speakers can sign up at the town hall and at the event fifteen minutes prior to it starting.

The goal of the event is to open discussions between students and town residents to help communication between the two communities.

The rest of the meeting was involved in discussions regarding training for office employees relating to software programs to help with the budget and discussion on the FY2015-16 budget for the town.

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