Mountain Fest

Hundreds enjoy the 2019 Mountain Festival

BLUEFIELD — The annual Cole Chevy Mountain Festival is being extended for 2020, running 10 days rather than seven.

Kyle Hurt, long-time chair of the festival, made the announcement Thursday afternoon along with Josh Cline, president and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce of the two Virginias and James H. Drew, owner of Drew Exposition.

“Last year about this time the festival committee talked about upcoming festivals,” Hurt said. “We keep wanting to expand the festival, make it bigger, make it the best we can.”

Starting next year, he said, it will expand to a 10-day festival, kicking off on Friday night, May 29, and running through June 7.

Hurt said there are several reasons to make that change, including creating one of the biggest festivals in the region.

Cline introduced Drew, who is known internationally.

“I can’t tell you enough about Mr. Drew,” Cline said, reviewing Drew’s years in the industry. “I’ve really enjoyed getting to know him.”

Drew said he has been to all of the Bluefield festivals since 1951 and as a kid he met his father here and played in the surrounding hills.

“I always love coming to Bluefield,” he said.

For Drew, the expansion and having an extra weekend is important because it is “rain insurance.”

“If you come in here and lose Saturday and Sunday, you are pretty much dead because that’s when you do most of your business,” he said. “With two weekends, now you have rain insurance.”

Drew also said having it run longer opens the doors for more and larger rides.

More entertainment will also be planned for a longer festival, he added.