Joseph Pinter

Princeton student Joseph Pinter poses proudly with his certificate of acceptance to West Point. During his time at the academy, Joseph will be majoring in Civil Engineering. 

PRINCETON — A Princeton High School student has become one of three students in the past three years to be accepted into the United States Military Academy West Point.

Joseph Pinter will be heading to West Point for his first day at the academy on July 1.

“I am very proud. Very much so,” Spring said happily.

According to Pinter’s mother, Spring Pinter, Joseph has always had a military mindset. “His great grandfather was a World War II veteran and his Grandpa was in the Vietnam War. Our neighbor is retired military and he has been very active in the JROTC for all four years,” Spring said.

Joseph’s first name, referred to as R Day, starts the beginning of his military career. During this day, Joseph will get his standard military buzz cut, and necessary military issue eyewear taught how to properly march, and all other basics. “At the end of the day, all of the students come out in formation and uniform. This will be the last time we see them until there’s another event at the school,” Spring said.

During his time at the academy, Joseph will be majoring in Civil Engineering and will then be committed to eight years in the military. Five of those years will be active duty while three of them will be Army Reserves only.

“I always thought we would be geared toward a military path, but we never thought he’d take the path to West Point, let alone get accepted. We were surprised when he made the announcement,” Spring said.

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