Mercer Sheriff's Department

March 21

DRIVING REVOKED FOR DUI 3RD OFFENSE: Detective M horn responded to a complaint about a silver Range Rover with the driver asleep, or unconscious, at the wheel. The car, in front of the gas pumps at the Little General BP Station in Princeton, had a temporary Va. registration. DNR Officer G. Wood advised Horn that he could assist as he had already made contact with the driver. The driver, Selina Smith, 30, of Princeton, was slumped over the steering wheel with an unlit cigarette in her hand and the vehicle running. Mercer 911 advised that she had two prior driving while license revoked for DUI convictions in West Virginia. Wood had Smith in the back of his vehicle. Smith’s temporary registration had expired on March 20. Surveillance tapes showed Smith never leave the vehicle to pump gas. Horn advised that she was under arrest for driving revoked for DUI and placed her in his patrol car. Horn spoke with the owner of the vehicle and advised that she shouldn’t drive as she doesn’t have a valid license. Mercer 911 informed that her prior convictions for driving while revoked for DUI were on January 7, 2016, and September 26, 2016. Smith was placed under arrest and charged with driving revoked for DUI 3rd offense.

March 23

BATTERY ON GOVERNMENT REPRESENTATIVE, TRESPASSING IN STRUCTURE OR CONVEYANCE, OBSTRUCTING AN OFFICER: Deputy L.B. Murphy responded to a complaint of an irate individual that wouldn’t leave the complainant’s residence. The complainant informed Murphy that the subject, Christopher Earl Murphy, 33, of King, North Carolina, hereafter referred to as the subject, was a friend that he hadn’t seen in ten years. 911 dispatch informed that the subject had an active warrant through the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department. Murphy was informed that the subject needed a place to stay away from his home in North Carolina. The subject was allowed to stay at the complainant’s residence for a few days. The subject then became combative and irate. The complainant told the subject to leave three times but he would not obey. Murphy observed the subject to be fidgeting, irate, and unable to sit still. Murphy observed him having all the behaviors of methamphetamine use. The subject continually acted irate toward Murphy. The subject informed Murphy that he couldn’t provide any identification because he didn’t have any. Murphy instructed the subject to turn around so he could place handcuffs on him to which he began fighting and pulling away. Murphy and the subject fought for several minutes before falling onto the couch. Murphy struggled to get the subject under control. The subject then struck Murphy in the face and reacher for his holstered firearm. Murphy then struck the subject in the face causing him to pull away. Murphy grabbed the subject’s arm and pulled it to the side attempting to restrain him. The subject twisted Murphy’s thumb causing pain. The two continued to fight until Murphy utilized the pepper spray on his belt. After using the pepper spray the subject showed no signs of relenting or pain. Murphy was able to get him in handcuffs and then began decontamination of pepper spray. Murphy requested EMS on the scene but they were not able to respond, to which he requested they meet him at the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department. EMS checked the subject and deemed that he had no major injuries. EMS decontaminated the subject of pepper spray and Murphy decontaminated himself. EMS then treated Murphy’s swollen and sprained thumb at the Sheriff’s Office. Southern Regional Jail requires that subjects having had pepper spray used on them must have medical clearance before processing. The subject was then taken to Princeton Community Hospital for clearance. The subject was arrested and charged with battery on a government representative, trespassing in structure or conveyance, and obstructing an officer.

 March 24

DISORDERLY CONDUCT, PUBLIC INTOXICATION: Deputy Hatfield received a call of a domestic in progress in the area of Lashmeet. Once on scene, Hatfield observed a grey SUV parked in the middle of the road with a female in the driver’s seat. Hatfield observed the female screaming at a male. Hatfield attempted to calm the woman. She told Hatfield that she had no reason to be there during the incident. She reportedly screamed at the male subject “You’re my boyfriend!” and he said, “Yeah, I know.” The female, later identified as Kimberly Gilley, continually screamed and was irate toward the male subject. A male and female subject walked down the road toward Hatfield with the female having blood on her face and neck. She informed Hatfield that she had been in an incident with Gilley. Gilley reportedly taunted her to fight and that a fight did take place. She said she didn’t want to press charges on Gilley. When speaking with Gilley, Hatfield observed her lips to be blue and her eyelids to be drooped. Gilley told Hatfield that her mouth was blue because of Pepsi. Hatfield asked her if she had taken anything and she informed him that she takes suboxone. Gilley was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

March 25

DUI 2ND OFFENSE: Deputy Hatfield responded to a call of a possible drunk driver in Grant’s parking lot on New Hope Road in Princeton. On scene Hatfield observed Sgt. W.E. Rose speaking with the driver from the passenger side. Rose advised that when he arrived he observed the vehicle to be running with the left turn signal and windshield wipers on. Hatfield observed the driver, James Reed, 24, of Crumpler, West Virginia, to be the only passenger in the vehicle. Reed’s eyes were reportedly very watery and bloodshot. Hatfield observed vomit on Reed’s arm and the driver’s side door. There was also a strong odor of alcohol in the vehicle. Reed agreed to a breath test. His BAC percentage was .191 percent. Reed agreed to do a field sobriety test. Once out of the vehicle Reed began to cry. Hatfield reported that he lacked smooth movement during the test. While explaining the walking portion of the test the male exclaimed, “I can’t do it!” Hatfield asked him if he would do the test to which he replied “No!” while crying. Reed was placed under arrest for DUI second offense. He was previously arrested and charged with DUI on January 26, 2014.

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