Jeff Harvey

Continuing with what William Sanders II had to say about Richard Bailey in his book “A New River Heritage, Volume IV”, (McClain Publishing, 1994), we now turn our attention to the Leftridge Bailey family of Bailey Hollow.

Leftridge was Richard’s great-grandson. He married Sarah M. Farmer on December 23 1859 and they are buried on the hillside cemetery up on the right side of Bailey Hollow. According to Patty Bailey Booth’s mother. who attended Leftridge’s funeral as a young child, the funeral home didsuch a poor job on the body that it smelled bad. He had children lee. Johnson, James. John, Loyd, Nannie Marry Martha and Ida.

Tony Whitlow’s grandfather was another Leftridge Bailey, who is buried in Oakvale Town Cemetery.

Sy Bailey, who was mentioned in the last column, was a son of Johnathan Bailey John Bailey had four wives, in order. America “Merky” Belcher. Myrtle Miller, Cindy Arthur and Stella French.

Lee Bailey,, who Martha Calfee said was “the meanest man” she ever knew, was married to Nannie Linkous and had children Jess, Marshall, Dorsie and Bertie. Bertie later married and was widowed by Henry Holt and was the last living Bailey in Bailey Hollow as of 1994.

Sanders mentioned W.D. “Bill’ Calfee, Sr. and Junior. Senior married Helen Noble, while Junior founded Eastern Vault/American Block Concrete Products located on Courthouse Road next to Ramey Ford or as Sanders put it, the “Green Tree” crossroads. junior is married to Georgiana Morton, whose parent founded Roselawn Cemetery.

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