Continuing with what William Sanders II had to say in his book “A New River Heritage, Volume IV”, (McClain Publishing, 1994), we go to more of the James Bailey family line.

James Bailey, while participating in the hunt for the Shawnees who killed the clay children, saw good land in what is now Wyoming County. After returning from the pursuit, he purchased land of the David Morgan patent, which was later deeded to his son, James, bailey, Jr., after the father returned to Mercer County.

James Jr. married Goldie Gore from the area which later became Baileysville. She was part of the Robert and Tomsey Jarrell Gore family which had migrated to the area. They had a son, Theodore Fielding Bailey, who married Martha justice of the area known as Justice. Their son, Robert Darius Bailey, became the most famous son of Wyoming County as Judge R.D. Bailey, He was the namesake of R.D. Bailey Lake.

Judge Bailey married Sue Starkey of Roane County. Their son, R.D. Bailey, Jr., served as a lawyer and had a brief term as west Virginia Secretary of State. His practice was based in Pineville. The law firm of Bailey and (Clarence)Worrell was one of the most influential in West Virginia

Sanders wrote that he had tried cases in Wyoming County with both the father and the son as the elder Bailey returned to the practice of law after serving on the bench and as a Congressman.

There were and are large numbers of Baileys descended from James Bailey, Sr, in Wyoming County as well as through the other Bailey lines.

Two prominent Baileys of the early and mid-20th Century in Mercer County were brothers Essie and Dewey Bailey, sons of James K. and Sara Strong Bailey, from the Beartown area, where a sister is buried in the Beartown Bailey Cemetery.

Essie was best known for having a remarkable career in banking, having served as president of Princeton Bank &Trust (now part of First Community Bank) probably longer than any other individual. Dewey ran Lynch’s Clothing Store across from the current Princeton Public Library.

Both Baileys were leaders in the Methodist Church and in the community. Essie was married twice, to Maude Priddy, daughter of Methodist evangelist Rev. Tom Priddy and after her death, to Mamie Houseman. Essie’s son, Dr. James Priddy Bailey, veterinarian, also served as a prominent community leader.

Dewey married Ruby Thomas from North Carolina.. Their son, Dr. Dewey Bailey, Jr. was a prominent physician in Roanoke, Va.

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