PRINCETON — A new dog grooming business is offering patrons excellent pet care as well as knowledge of their craft.

Demoiselles Dog Grooming Parlor has opened its doors to customers for all their dog, and cat, grooming needs.

Located off of Stafford Drive, near Little Caesars, the parlor is centralized to allow ultimate convenience for customers.

The receptionist, Jeremy Gillespie, said that services offered range from small to large size dogs. Grooming services include bathing, nail clipping, teeth cleaning, and more. They also offer fur dying that is safe for all pets.

Gillespie explained how starting puppies into the grooming regiment can sometimes be taxing on their nerves and to combat this, the parlor offers a puppy package which eases them into the grooming process.

The grooming staff consists of the owners Kimberly Deel and Heather Dehart. “With their experience and their love for dogs you can definitely tell that they take pride in what they do. A lot of people are just in it for the money and Kimberly and Heather do it because they love it. They strive to bring beauty to the world,” Gillespie said.

“We didn’t expect to come into this and it be easy but we wanted to do this because we wanted a life for ourselves and we can’t find anyone around here that is doing things the right way. We love to go to grooming expo’s are take classes to continue our grooming education,” Dehart said.

Deel and Dehart are both trained in the art of grooming and have all the necessary credentials to ensure that both owners and animals have the best possible experience.

Dehart, who worked as a veterinary technician for many years, said, “If you don’t love animals you just can’t do this. If you aren’t properly trained you can cause a lot of issues with the dogs. Safety is a big issue. Like for instance, huskies have double coats and if you aren’t properly trained and you cut that double coat you can harm them. The double layer heats as well as cools them.”

Both Deel and Dehart are focused on the dog’s safety as improper grooming can leave to health problems. “Being properly trained and getting the education on grooming isn’t just picking up clippers and cutting the hair off of the dog. Not every groomer goes through that training,” Deel said.

The pair were driven to open their own grooming parlor after seeing practices that they disagreed with as well as, “Wanting better for this area,” Deel said. Deel also said that in the grooming industry education is continual and never reaches a point where you are finished learning.

The two explained how people may be wary to bring their pets into groomers that they don’t know. To provide peace of mind to these owners, the parlor has a monitor at the front desk where the owners can watch the groomers at work. Dehart explained how this also ensures that the dogs aren’t too excited to be groomed when they see their owners come in.

“Those animals are people’s babies. You have to have the love and education to groom those animals. I want to know all I can for each specific breed to help it maintain and thrive,” Deel said.

The unique name, according to both Deel and Dehart, is the historic name given to dog groomers in France, where dog grooming originated. “We wanted to stick with the original history of dog grooming,” Deel said. The inner decor of the parlor also follows with the French theme.

In the parlor, Deel and Dehart have hung information for owners to further help them understand why grooming is important for a dog’s health. The pair also said that they strive to explain to their customers what cuts and services will be best to ensure that their dogs receive what will be best for their breed’s care.

Regarding shopping small and supporting local businesses, Gillespie said, “It’s important to shop small because they are typically family owned. It’s better for the community to support small businesses rather than going to large chain stores.”

Shop hours are from 8 a.m - 6 p.m. on Monday through Friday, half days on Saturdays, and closed on Sundays.

To contact the shop call them at 304-431-1151 or visit them on Facebook at @demoisellesgroooming.

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