The Bailey Family reunion will be held July 21 at the Glenwood State Park 4-H Camp. Registration begins a noon, the carry-in dinner will begin around 12:30 p.m. please bring a dish to share. Plaques will be awarded to the oldest and youngest attendees and to the family member who traveled the furthest, as well as special recognition to one person for service to the Bailey Family.

There will be a brief talk by Pat Wilson, Mayor of Princeton and granddaughter of Luther Bailey. Music will be performed by Mary Kelly and young Bailey descendants William Workman and the Stevens Boys. There will be a limited number of Mary Ellen Howe’s book, “Richard Bailey, vol.III” for free distribution, and a very limited number of, “Richard Bailey, vol.II” for sale.

For more information call Ronald Bailey at 304-425-0415 or Gene Bailey at 304-887-1183.

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