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November 24, 2012

Jeff's Sports Corner: Sports turn into "Demolition Derby"


This week's theme could be "Demolition Derby" judging by what happened in Arizona and Florida.
First, Jeff Gordon, a four-time NASCAR champion, pulled a bush-league move at Phoenix Motor Speedway by literally wrecking Clint Bowyer late in the race. I don't care if there had been some incidents between them (Gordon's account), there's no justification to cause a wreck leading to a brawl between pit crews and Bowyer's thankfiully blocked attempt to get to Gordon, a wreck which affected Joey Logano as well. NASCAR should have fined Bowyer and suspended Gordon for the last race.
ESPN doesn't get away without blame in the incident. They are using footage of the brawl in their promos for the last race of the year, instead of focusing on the battle between Brad Keslowski and Jimmie Johnson. Also, the old-time "let them fight" mentality of the commentators was uncalled for.
The second demolition derby of the week was Jeffrey Loria's job on the Miami Marlins trading five major leaguers for a combination package of major and minor leaguers from the Toronto Blue Jays. If it wasn't for the fact that Loria has pulled this move before and it comes a year after he got a tax-payer paid stadium on the promise that he would make an effort to field a competitive team, it wouldn't be so bad.
As it is, Loria spat on the fans of Miami by doing what he did. Some elements of the media, including perpetual management apologist Bill Plaschke and, disappointingly, Mike Wilbon, actually stood up for Loria, which was wrong.
As for Concord basketball, it's good that both teams are starting off well. The men's side of the WVIAC must be good for a 17-10 team to be ranked 10th in the pre-season poll after returning most of its best players.

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