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November 6, 2012

Mercer Christian: consider God before casting your ballot

PRINCETON — Four parents and volunteers from Mercer Christian Academy had a last-minute message for voters: Consider God before casting your ballot.

Organized by Shelia Otey, Hope Trump, Beth Lee and Lisa Goings, the We Want America Back program involved every student enrolled in the school.

Otey said every student was involved in the performance because they were the very heart of Mercer Christian Academy. Also, she wanted to have the program appeal to voters and what better way than to use their own children in the performance?

The third grade led off the program by bringing flags into the church. Pre-K and kindergarten followed with songs about the flags. The first graders provided songs and trivia about the presidency. The second graders helped to remind voters of the Ten Commandments.

The fourth, fifth, 11th and 12th grades performed songs. The sixth and seventh graders read presidential prayers, and the eighth- and ninth-graders performed Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. The 10th graders participated in the folding of an American flag.

Pastor Marvin Mills provided the message entitled, “We want America back.” David Lambert and Tony Miller provided additional music. Byron Hurley reminded of the Christian heritage of the United States.

Otey said that the event took approximately one month to organize. One of the items that they were really interested in showing was the t-shirts designed by Trump, an MCA kitchen staffer.

“They really are great shirts,” Otey said.

Then Otey turned toward the goal of the performance.

“It’s crucial in this election that voters consider God when they’re casting their ballots,” Otey said. “We just ask that they go home and consider and pray before voting.”

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