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December 7, 2012

Local band surpasses 1 million views on YouTube

PRINCETON — One local band has become something of a YouTube sensation.

Whiskey-N-Chicken, led by Princeton residents Ted Clements, John Thompson and Chris Jones, have hit more than 1 million views on two of their videos on the video site. Clements said his group combined rap-like vocals with rock music in the background.

In the wake of last week’s large Powerball drawing, Clements said the song “Poor” had reached a million hits. As he looked the song up on YouTube, he said the song was “sort-of” a parody of modern hip-hop music.

In his view, when hip-hop was first created, it was similar to his song “Poor” now it’s become something else entirely.

“It’s become about showing how much stuff you have,” Clements said. “Or about dissing other people. ‘Poor’ kind of takes it back to its roots.”

Still, as a studio musician, Clements is happy to have hit a million views on YouTube. He said that he set up late Wednesday evening watching the YouTube counter continue to grow. There was a bit of a lag between the numbers and the actual amount of people that had viewed the songs.

Clements had a couple of friends in New York that were happily relaying those numbers to him. Once it hit a million after midnight, he could finally rest.

However, Whiskey-N-Chicken cannot do so. Clements said the band is in the process of arranging another video shoot for another song on their CD.

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