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November 26, 2012

From the November 25, 1993 Archives - Winterize your pet

PRINCETON — A special feature in the Times that week was an article reminding pet owners to "winterize Fido, Kitty, and Equis."

According to Dr. Lewis Thomas, Director of the West Virginia's Department of Agriculture's Animal Health Division, every pet should have a regular health program based on that animal's need.

"Plan in consultation with the veterinarian, who knows the pet's history and environment. There are many considerations, including the age of the animal, type of shelter and degree of exposure to parasites and mosquitoes."

Dr. Thomas recommended having your pets checked and vaccinated for common viruses such as: parvo, distemper, and heartworm for dogs; rabies, feline leukemia, calicivirus and chlamydia for cats; tetanus, influenza and rhinopneumonitis for horses.


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Pieces from Princeton's Past