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November 4, 2012

From the November 5, 1981 Archives - Profile: Scooter Clark, "The only thing you can do is race"

PRINCETON — Scooter Clark, a 30 year-old Princeton native and go-kart racer,  was the focus of the Times' Profile feature this week in 1981.

According to the article, Clark first became interested in go-kart racing in 1978 and enjoyed the fact that the sport was, "one of the few things that take total concentration. You can't look around, you can't think about other things. The only thing you can do is race."

Clark, at the time, had raced in 120 events and had only suffered one injury, and that was when he was a bystander and not racing. He had won a host of trophies, including a fifth place finish in the North Carolina state go-kart championship.

Clark's kart was an Arrow, built by Gary Emmick of California. It weighed 120 pounds. Clark was able to change out between three different motors and tires to match conditions on the track. Strict weight limits were set on go-kart racing, so if he entered a race and was underweight Clark would bolt metal weights to the kart to make weight.

Clark was a member of the WKA, World Karting Association. Clark had taken part in races in Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee. and added that there was only one drawback to racing, "I have to go 100 or more miles to find a decent track."

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Pieces from Princeton's Past