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November 19, 2012

From the November 16, 1967 Archives - Editorial Content

PRINCETON — Appearing in this week's Times was an unsigned letter in the Editorial Content section entitled, "Apathy Afflicts Princeton Residents"

The letter begins by stating that, "Most people around here have that 'why should I worry about it' attitude. As fare as they are concerned, the rest of the world could be blown to small piecesjust so long as their own sanctuarys are not disturbed."

The writer of the editorial went on to state that one of the measures that one could look at to determine the involvement of a local populace was the "Letter to the Editor" feature in a local paper. The Times, it seemed, no longer had a populace that cared enough to respond to local and national events through the feature.

"Apathy is a disease; it is a contagion that can spread like wildfie through a community such as ours," said the writer. If one resident hears that so-and-so "just doesn't [care]" the feeling spreads until the majority of residents are unresponsive regarless of the circumstances.

The writer concludes by asking readers to think, read talk and draw your own conclusions regarding news that is presented.

"Princeton isn't the merchant's city; it isn't the City Council's city; it doesn't belong to the Chamber of Commerce. Princeton belongs to the residents...If residents do not become interested, if they do not think and act fore themselves they have noone to blame but themselves for anything which happens"


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Pieces from Princeton's Past