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November 28, 2012

From the December 1-7, 1977 Archives - Armory shelters stranded motorists

PRINCETON — Around 200 motorists were housed in the National Guard Armory (now the Fred Gilbert Activity Center) in Princeton after the first major snow storm of 1977.

Princeton Fire Chief Marvin Hyatt said, "the situation wasn't like anything I had ever seen before. It started with just one or two families who couldn't find a place to stay because the motels were full, but as the night wore on, more and more motorists were unable to complete their journeys."

Additional sheets and blankets were provided by Princeton Community Hospital. The city provided milk and cookies to the children and Lt. Leon Landreth, Commander of the Armory, allowed travelers to use the phone to call family members to assure them that they were safe.

City workers from area fire departments to the Princeton Rescue Squad chipped in to aid the stranded motorists with everything from coffee to parking assistance.

Hyatt said, "It meant alot to the people in their condition to have a warm dry place to stay.

By 8 a.m. the next morning the roads were clear and all the travelers were on their way.


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Pieces from Princeton's Past
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