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January 14, 2013

From the January 12, 1978 Archives - Hechler Begins Campaign

PRINCETON — Ken Hechler, a former US Congressman, announced his campaign to win back the seat from the Fourth District. Hechler was planning to open his headquarters here in Mercer County possibly by Feb. 1.

"I'm filing for re-election to Congress and will wage one of those good old-fashioned campaigns supported by thousands of volunteers." "Grass roots and shoe leather" were what he used to describe his campaign strategy.

Hechler was known for his grass roots campaigns that included a town-by-town "whistle stops" traveling by Jeep with "Ken" written on the tire cover.

Hechler top priority issues during the election were welfare and tax reform, consumer protection, and "blowing the whistle against those Congressmen and other big shots who want to live like royalty while average men and women get burdened with inflation, unfair taxes, and senseless bureaucratic regulations."

He lashed out at Congress for failing to pass final versions of black lung and energy bills in 1977 and taking excessive vacations.

"We need more fighters in Congress instead of those who just blend in with the landscape"

Hechler was ultimately unsuccessful in his re-election campaign for the 96th Congress of 1978.

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Pieces from Princeton's Past