Princeton Times

April 20, 2012

Divorce Report - March 2012

Princeton Times


Mercer County divorces recorded for the month of March. 2012 are as follows:

• Richard W. Smith and Carol Shull;

• Thomas Burton Jr. and Traci Price;

• Shannon Vest and Sheri Maxey;

• Joseph Shane Putman and Sherry Lynn Shumate;

• David Halland Sr. and Felicia Marshall;

• Jody Shrewsbury and Melissa Thorn;

• Tommy Keatley Jr. and Michelle Muncy;

• Jake Boswell Jr. and Adrian Looney;

• Kenneth Jackson and Mary Taylor;

• Everett Perry and April Edwards;

• Timothy Altizer and Crystal Stowers;

• Stanley Johnson and Ashley Wood;

• David Fisher and Heather Bailey-Fisher;

• Brian D. Carter and Megan Marlena Muncey;

• James Douglas Vest and Shana Ables;

• Claude Fletcher and Deborah Dillow;

• Michael S. Hannah and Christina Mullins;

• Collin Bell and Elizabeth (Lowe) Woods;

• Claude Smith III and Crystal Hill;

• Christopher Altice and Alisha Poff;

• Steven D. Wiley Jr. and Amy Clemons;

• Christopher Compton and Ashley Lewis;

• Justin W. Lovell and Brittani L. Juba;

• Ronald Findley and Elizabeth Anne;

• Craig Frye and Kristina Cselei;

• Johnnie Nichols and Susan Faye.