July 31

INDECENT EXPOSURE, OBSTRUCTING AN OFFICER: Ptlm. C.C. Butler received a report of a male subject wearing a white shirt, jeans and a hat pulling his pants down in McConnell Alley and defecating beside New River Community and Technical College. His actions were reportedly witnessed by several people. When officers reached the scene, they located a man matching that description and spoke with him. The man allegedly admitted he had defecated on himself in the alleyway.

After the subject cleaned his feces, he was placed under arrest for indecent exposure and transported to Princeton Police Department for processing. When the suspect realized he was under arrest at PPD, he allegedly became very aggressive and combative toward officers, resisting commands.

Butler also noted that the suspect, David Bennett, 32, of Princeton, allegedly committed the crime while on bond on charges he had faced only an hour prior to the incident.

OBSTRUCTING AN OFFICER: Ptlm. J.D. Shrewsbury responded to the Family Dollar Store on Stafford Drive, where a complainant reported there were shoplifters in the business. The manager advised a male and female stole a packed of white T-shirts and were currently walking across the parking lot. Shrewsbury reported seeing a white male wearing a white T-shirt and a white female wearing a red T-shirt walking across the parking lot.

The officer made contact with the subjects and noted that the male suspect was wearing the stolen property. The two subjects and the officer then walked back to the store, where the stolen property was returned to the store. The male identified himself as John Tinney, 30, but Mercer County 911 could not find any records to match that name. After further questioning the subject, the officer identified him as David Bennett, 32, of Princeton. The Family Dollar Store declined to press charges, since the items were returned in good condition, but Shrewsbury charged Bennett with obstructing an officer for lying to him about his name.

DRIVING REVOKED DUI: Ptlm. E.C. Nunn was patrolling U.S. 460 in Princeton when he reported seeing a gray Mitsubishi Galant proceed through a red light at the intersection of U.S. 460 and Ingleside Road. Nunn initiated a traffic stop and made contact with the driver, who identified himself as Torre Fowler. Mercer 911 advised the driver’s license was revoked for DUI. At that point, Fowler, 27, of Princeton, was charged with driving revoked for DUI and transported to PPD for processing. He was also issued citations for running a red light and no insurance.

Aug. 3

DUI SECOND OFFENSE, DRIVING REVOKED FOR DUI: At approximately 4:09 p.m., Ptlm. C.C. Butler responded to a report of a disabled truck on Beckley Road. The complainant advised the vehicle had struck a ditch line and was unable to move. The caller also advised the male driver of the truck appeared to be intoxicated when he exited the truck to check its status.

When Butler arrived, he reported finding the male driver under the front end of the truck, attempting to find fix the drive shaft. As he spoke with the driver, Butler reported smelling a distinct odor of alcohol on his person. The officer asked if he had been drinking, and the man responded, allegedly with a slurred voice, that he didn’t drink. He allegedly invited the officer to search his vehicle. Butler reported he could tell the driver’s pupils were constricted, even though he was wearing shaded glasses. Upon looking through the driver’s side window, the officer reported seeing a half-empty bottle of spiced rum beside the driver’s seat, as well as empty beer cans in the passenger floor board.

At that point, the driver reported he had been drinking rum all day and had taken several Neurontin throughout the day.

The driver, Steven Fortner, 60, of Princeton, reportedly agreed to take three field-sobriety testing, on which, he allegedly showed impairment on all three. A preliminary breath test allegedly reported a blood-alcohol content of 0.084 BAC. Fortner allegedly advised he had struck something else prior to hitting the ditch line, but couldn’t advise where it had happened. There was also yellow paint on the driver-side fender of his truck, where damage was located, but he didn’t know what caused it.

Fortner was then arrested and transported to PPD for processing. Upon running his information through Mercer 911, Butler learned he had previously been convicted of DUI.

Once at PPD, Fortner was read and agreed to the Implied Consent Form, on which, he agreed to a secondary chemical test of his breath to determine the alcohol content of his blood. That test reportedly registered a BAC of 0.086 on the Intoximeter, along with the Neurontin.

Aug. 5

DRIVING REVOKED FOR DUI, NO INSURANCE, NO REGISTRATION: Ptlm. W.W. McGuire reported seeing a silver motorized scooter with no registration traveling on Brick Street. The officer then initiated a traffic stop. The driver advised he had never registered the vehicle through the West Virginia DMV and that it had no insurance. The driver showed his West Virginia identification card, which the officer ran through Mercer 911, which found that his driver’s license had been revoked for active DUI in 2015. McGuire then arrested Charlie Whittaker, 60, of Princeton, was then charged with driving revoked for DUI, no insurance and no registration of his vehicle. Whittaker’s vehicle was then towed by Browning Towing Company to their lot.

Aug. 6

DRIVING SUSPENDED: Ptlm. W.W. McGuire reported seeing a red Dodge pickup in the area of Beckley Road with two of three passengers not wearing a seat belt. The officer initiated a traffic stop and spoke with the driver, who advised her operator’s license had been suspended. When the officer contacted Mercer 911, he learned the driver’s license had been suspended for multiple reasons, including driving suspended, third offense in October 2009. At that point, he arrested Tammy Cole, 53, of Lashmeet, on a charge of driving suspended, and transported her to Princeton Police Department for processing.