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May 25, 2012

May 25: Mercer Sheriff's Department


DOMESTIC BATTERY; OBSTRUCTING/RESISTING AN OFFICER: Deputy W.E. Rose responded to Valley Mobile Home Park in reference to an assault. The officer spoke with the complainant, who advised that she and her boyfriend had been in a verbal dispute. The woman said her boyfriend had laid on top of her and placed his hand over her mouth and nose. The victim also stated that she had received two marks from the suspect, one on her chest and the other on her neck. She allegedly got away from him by telling him that she had to go buy cigarettes. The officer was also advised that the suspect had a warrant out for his arrest and that the suspect would attempt to run from the officers. The officer eventually located the suspect under the bed in the residence. Andrew Janes, 26, of Princeton was arrested.

HIT AND RUN: A complainant advised Deputy J.D. Ellison that he had come out of Walmart to find that his car had been struck by another vehicle. The man believed the other car had left white residue on the car.

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY: Deputy J.D. Gills responded to Buckeye Hollow Road in the Glenwood area in reference to a destruction of property. The complainant advised that during an argument the suspect had struck the side of his truck three times with a metal pipe, damaging the bed of the vehicle. Several hours later, the suspect made contact with the officer and informed that he had struck the side of the truck because he believed the complainant had stolen his property. Brandon Holdren, 27, of Princeton was arrested.

May 18

AGGRAVATED D.U.I.: Cpl. S.A. Sommers and Deputy J.D. Gills responded to the area of the L&M Market in Lashmeet for a reported intoxicated male who had left the store and was sitting in his vehicle. The officers learned that the vehicle had left and was possibly headed toward Reese Harmon Ridge Road. The officers learned the vehicle had been spotted across from Lashmeet Grocery. Gills informed that the suspect vehicle had just passed him and had nearly struck his vehicle and another vehicle. The officers executed a traffic stop on the vehicle. Sommers noted that he saw a male suspect open the driver's-side door and stumble into the roadway. The officer instructed the suspect to turn around place his hands behind his back several times. The officer believed the man's level of intoxication prevented him from responding quickly to the officer's instructions. The officers then instructed the man to lay down on the ground. The suspect complied. While the officer cuffed the suspect, he noted a strong smell of alcohol emanating from the suspect. The officer advised the suspect that he was under arrest for driving under the influence. The suspect then allegedly informed that he had been consuming alcohol during the evening. During a search of the vehicle, Gills located a half empty case of beer. The suspect was only able to complete two of the three field sobriety tests which he failed. The suspect registered a BAC of 0.275. Tony Newcomb, 30, of Lashmeet, was arrested.

POSSESSION OF A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE; DRIVING SUSPENDED; CONTRIBUTE ALCOHOL TO A MINOR: While on patrol in the Green Valley area of Mercer County, Deputy H.L. Walters observed a black vehicle make a U-turn in the intersection of Airport Road/Rt. 123 and begin to travel East on Route 123. The officer continued to observe as the vehicle picked up a male walking along the road. While the officer was traveling behind the vehicle, the vehicle slowed down and activated its left turn signal before speeding up and turning off the turn signal. The officer initiated a traffic stop and observed the smell of marijuana emanating from the vehicle and noticed an open can of beer in the vehicle's floorboard. The officer noted the vehicle was occupied with two juvenile males and a female. The female was driving and later learned to be driving suspended. After searching the passengers and driver, the officer located a marijuana containing cigarette wrapper located in the center console of the vehicle. The driver then allegedly informed the officer that she had smoked marijuana inside the vehicle an hour and half before the traffic stop. Kerri Lynn Hall, 22, of Bluefield, was cited for the above charges.

GRAND LARCENY; RECEIVING/TRANSFERRING STOLEN PROPERTY: Deputy E.P. Parks took the complaint of a victim who advised that his brother had committed a grand larceny. The victim reported that his brother had stolen several items from their parents' residence when their father was incapacitated in a hospital. Included in the stolen items was  a car which the suspect allegedly scrapped for money. The victim advised that the total value of the items stolen exceeded $20,000. The victim also provided receipts that allegedly show were the suspect had pawned several of the items. The officer located Thomas Hall, 38, of Princeton, in a residence on Maple Acres Road and arrested him.

May 21

NO OPERATORS/NO INSURANCE; DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY; LEAVING THE SCENE (PROPERTY DAMAGE); OBSTRUCTING/RESISTING AN OFFICER: Sgt. S.J. Cary was dispatched to the area of Ceres Hollow Road in reference to a vehicle that had crashed through a fence causing damage to property. The officer learned the vehicle in question was a black SUV and had left the scene. The victim confirmed the damage to her property and a witness advised that he had seen the tracks that left the roadway, went through the fence to a nearby field. The witness stopped to investigate and located the vehicle over the side of an embankment and had offered assistance to the driver who noted to be potentially intoxicated. The driver then allegedly forced the witness to open a nearby gate to help her escape the area. The officer made contact with the listed owner of the vehicle and was advised that the vehicle belonged to owner's daughter. The officer made contact with the daughter who the officer noted was driving the vehicle at the time. The daughter informed that she had let a friend borrow the vehicle. Upon making contact with the friend, the officer was able to obtain a positive identification from the witness. Upon confronting the woman, she allegedly confessed to being the driver. Lindsey Hodges, 19, of Bluefield, was arrested.

May 22

ROBBERY (ARMED); GRAND LARCENY; DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY (Two Counts): Deputies C.K. Lester and W.C. Wilborn responded to Bettes on Oakvale Road in reference to an armed robbery/panic alarm. The complainant advised that while he was taking out the trash, a white male dressed in all black approached him with a gun and forced him to return to the business. The victim advised the man was followed by a black male dressed the same way and had been made to open the register and safe. The victim stated the white male hit the button to open the safe and took the victim's cell phone and threw it causing it to shatter. Both of the suspects exited the same way and took the cordless phone and destroyed it in a similar manner to the cell phone. The victim also advised the white male had what appeared to be a semi-automatic handgun and the black male did not appear to be armed. The officers later learned of a similar robbery in Wytheville, Va.

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